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I’m Jeremie and I’m here to assist you. My feeling is you already know how crucial it is for your business to have a robust brand and website. Why? Because you’re very smart. That’s why. The good news is: you came to the right place. I’m awesome at doing those things. True story.


I know words

I know words I have the best words

1. Treating brands as assets

The ongoing pressure to deliver short-term financial results coupled with the fragmentation of media will tempt organizations to focus on tactics and measurables and neglect the objective of building assets.

3. Building a digital strategy

This arena is complex, dynamic, and in need of a different mindset. The reality is, the audience is in control here. New capabilities, creative initiatives and new ways to work with other marketing modalities are required. Adjust the digital marketing focus from the offering and the brand to the customer’s sweet spot, which is to say the activities and opinions in which they are interested or even passionate about. Develop programs around that sweet spot in which the brand is an active partner.

5. Leveraging brand assets to enable growth

A brand portfolio should foster growth by enabling new offerings, extending the brand vertically, or extending the brand into another product class. The goal is to apply the brand to new contexts where the brand both adds value and enhances itself.

2. Possessing a compelling vision

A brand vision needs to differentiate itself, resonate with customers, and inspire employees. It needs to be feasible to implement, work overtime in a dynamic marketplace, and drive brand-building programs. Visions that work are usually multidimensional and adaptable to different contexts. They employ concepts such as brand personality, organizational values, a higher purpose and in general, they simply move beyond functional benefits.

4. Building your brand internally

It is hard to achieve successful integrated marketing communications or breakthrough marketing without employees both knowing the vision and caring about it. The brand vision that lacks a higher purpose will find the inspiration challenge almost impossible.

6. The secret of Happy Clients

Sometimes, being a web designer is more than just creating a beautiful, functional website. You may have to play different roles depending upon the situation and the client you’re working with. One of the more common roles you’ll have to play is that of a teacher. It could be as simple as explaining how to make a website does what your clients want or need. Often, though, there’s a part of teaching that is a bit more nuanced.

78% of my clients say I’m a genius

78% of my clients say I’m a genius

The other 22% say I’m a sexy genius.